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S&S Swan Maintenance - Swan-38, Steering gear
15 February 2009 - 15:39
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Swan-38, Steering gear
Dear all,
our Swan-38 Carissima shows a little leakage in the aft cabin. I think I located the upper end of the trunk as the source of it.
The rudder stock is centered to the trunk by a bell-like nut from the top. These nut is controlled by a counter nut from underneath. My question: Is there any sealing to be placed under the upper nut?

Thank┤s for any help,
Best regards from Hamburg, Klaus Andrews

16 February 2009 - 19:34
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Dear Klaus

There is a packing seal hidden inside the gland = the upper nut. First it should be tried if compressing the seal against the plastic sleeve visible at the upper end of the rudder stock casing stops the leak.

Screw down the gland to compress the seal, but not so much that the rudder gets stiff.

A special tool for the gland was delivered with the yacht - a short lever with one end shaped to fit the outside and a pin fitting the holes right at the tip

The lower ring is for the locking of the gland.

If tightening does not help, a new seal needs to be installed.

First fish out the old seal from inside the gland.

About 1 metre of 3/16 inch or 5 mm Teflon impregnated (NOT Graphite) packing band is needed, Chesterton K-23 or Gore-Tex GFO.

Wind the seal tightly around the stock above the casing (or on any round piece with same diameter), and cut through the seal package along one side with a sharp knife so a number of separate rings are formed.

Install the rings on the stock with their joints alternatingly on opposite sides and tighten the gland, and finally take care to lock it with the lower ring


18 February 2009 - 16:32
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Dear Lars,
Thank┤s very much for your perfect instruction. That will help us a lot.
Best regards, Klaus

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