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S&S Swan Maintenance - Barlow Winches, looking for Spare Parts
24 September 2022 - 14:22
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Barlow Winches, looking for Spare Parts

I read about some refits here in the forum, where you remove your old Barlow winches and exchange it to new ones or even change the hole decklayout and let them off.

On our Montana, Swan 48, we stay with the original layout so far. Also we miss the self-tailoring of the winches not too much, even for racing.

But we have some issues with some winches now, as we need some spare parts, especially the needle rollers for the Barlow 26 and Barlow 34.

Has anybody such needle rollers on stock? Or can anybody give me some information where I can get one? Or does anybody knows good substitutes?

Barlow 26

26 September 2022 - 10:36
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We recently removed the x2 Barlow 26's Halyard winches from the Mast. These have been replaced with Andersen self-tailing. I had not tested or used the Barlow 26 winches. Happy to help if you're interested; I couldn't guarantee they'd be any better than you have.

We also have x3 Lewmar 55's from the refit that are no longer required. Great condition and would be direct replacements for the Barlow 34's (Same size)

Lastly, the one man who can help with all things Barlow / Barient is Allen at Hutton Arco winches (Australia). email: sales AT Great chap.


MOUSE 43/059

26 September 2022 - 16:22
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Hi Dan,

we are definitely interested in the Barlows 26,

and thinking about the Lewmars.

Here is my contact for WhatsApp and Threema: +4916090639829

Or email:

Please let me know which price you have in mind.

Best regards


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