About every two years we organize a S&S swan rendez-vous in the Mediterranean, all S&S Swans are very welcome to this meeting, we organize very friendly races, dinner parties etc. All we want is S&S Swan owners and lovers meet other people with the same passion and amuse themselves.
  • S&S Swan Rendez-vous 2023

    28 June - 2 July, Marciana Marina, Elba Island

    We cant't wait to be back in Marciana Marina, 28 June . 2 July 2023, for our 10th S&S Swan Rendez-vous.
    Dedicated to Lars Ström.
    Organized as always in collaboraticon with our friends of the Circolo della Vela, we are working to gather the biggest number of S&S Swan ever, to celebrate our 10th Rendez-vous!

    Stay connected with the S&S Swan Association!

  • S&S Swan Rendez-vous 2021

    June, 23-26 June, Marciana Marina (Elba Island)

    After 4 years we are finally going to be back in Elba, for our 9th S&S Swan Rendez-vous, which will be organized, as always, with our friend of the Circolo della Vela Marciana Marina.

    23thJune: Official arrival day and Registrations
    24thJune: Briefing and Coastal Race - Welcome Cocktail on Pontoon at 18:30
    25thJune: Briefing and Coastal Race
    26thJune: Briefing and Coastal Race - 
    Prize Giving Ceremony at 17:00
    27stJune: Bye Bye Day!
  • S&S Swan Rendez-vous 2017

    21 - 25 June, Marina di Scarlino

    2017 S&S Swan Rendez-vous is scheduled at the Nautor's Swan Mediterranean base in Marina di Scarlino, a marvellous and very well organized premises in the Tuscan coast of Italy, right in front of Elba Island
  • S&S Swan Rendez-vous 2015

    17 - 21 June, Marciana Marina (Elba Island)
    2015 S&S Swan Rendez-vous is scheduled as usual in Marciana Marina, Elba Island, and will be organized in collaboration with Circolo della Vela Marciana Marina
  • S&S Swan Rendez-vous 2013

    26th - 29th June, Marciana Marina (Elba Island)
    Dear S&S Swan Owners,

    we are now working on our 6th Rendez-vous. After the cancellation of S&S class at the Sardinia 2012 Swan Cup, this is the only Event organized just for our beautiful Sparkman & Stephens designed Swans, so, we hope to have as many S&S Swans as possible in Marciana Marina!
  • S&S Swan Rendez-vous 2011

    29th June - 2nd July, Marciana Marina (Elba Island)
    The fifth S&S Swan Rendez-vous will take place in Marciana Marina, Elba Island (Mediterranean), from June 29th to July 2nd.

    It'll be a special event, as 2011 is the tenth year of the Association!
  • S&S Swan Rendez-vous 2009

    02 - 05 July, Marciana Marina, Elba Island
  • S&S Swan Rendez-vous 2007

    21 - 24 August, Marina di Scarlino
  • S&S Swan Rendez-vous 2005

    24 - 27 August, Marina di Scarlino
  • S&S Swan Rendez-vous 2003

    29 - 30 August, Porto Azzurro, (Elba Island)