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S&S Swan General - Hatch & exterior light fittings
15 February 2023 - 20:47
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Hatch & exterior light fittings

Hi, I have 1976 built 431 and would like to know who manufactured the various hatch, port, and external light fittings.

Are they still available?

Their logo appears to be an albatross.

Many thanks.


15 February 2023 - 21:21
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Hi Mark,

all hatches are Goiot, best ever made, they do not produce (unfortunately) some models, but spare are available from their website (

If you need to change them and can't find the one you are looking for, Lewmar, Ocean series, is an option, but unfortunately quality does not match at all the one of Goiot, many fittings (e.g. hinges and handles) are cheap and delicate plastic, so I suggest if you buy one you order a spare to be kept onboard, the last think you want is to have a portlight or a hatch broken ehen you are miles from land...!

External lights are Hella or Aqua Signal, it depends, and both still in production (some, rare, S&S Swan were fitted with Goiot nav lights).

Could you please post a photo of your lights?

Fair winds!

matteo (47/069 Vanessa)

26 February 2023 - 02:52
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Hi, the exterior lighting is all Goilot (SP) and I am keen to restore these.

New seals for all the hatches would be most welcome.

Thank you for your reply and info.....................Mark

26 February 2023 - 07:22
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Dear Mark,

seals are made of 10 mm diameter neoprene, which you can easily find everywhere.

Fair winds,

matteo (47/069 Vanessa)

02 March 2023 - 10:56
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Hi Mark,

as Matteo already said, I would also recommend to keep the Goiot hatches if at all possible.

The quality is very good indeed and certainly much better than anything I've seen maufacturered recently. We had the plexiglas panes and the seals replaced on Kairos in 2018 and they are as good as new since.

I would think any half-decent boatyard should be able to replace the plexiglas for you with good results, it's releatively straight forward.

Fair Winds,


Kairos - 57/043

05 September 2023 - 03:09
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Has anybody been able to open one of these Goiot lights?

mine are too corroded.

05 September 2023 - 06:02
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If you mean overhaul, the answer is "yes". They are sometimes corroded but with a lot of patience you should be able to dismantle them, the problem is it is now very difficult to have spare parts.

If you just need external frames you can have them custom built, the craftsmanship has to use the old one as a template in order to reproduce a brand new one, not difficult and not expensive.

Some shipyards/shops have old stock parts too.

Could you please post photos?

All best,

matteo(47/069 Vanessa)

05 September 2023 - 22:30
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Hope the photos upload.

The lights are great but have not been able to open them to change the light bulb.



06 September 2023 - 06:31
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Sorry I misanderstood lights for port lights. 
To dismantle these Goiot nav lights you can try to heat them, be careful of course not to overheat the glass, wwhich if I am not wrong it is screwed, Yves (57/007 ALGOL) should know better than me.

matteo (47/069 Vanessa)

14 September 2023 - 19:22
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On our boat we just have the Goiot stern light left. I managed to unscrew and disassemble it, but this took some time and effort. I had the housing glass bead blasted, replaced the cable, and replaced the bulb with an LED. I also made sure that no water can get behind the glass, but do not remember how I did it. Seven years later it still looks good and works fine. The glass bead blasting gives it a nice shine, and provides a better result than sand blasting.

Christian 411/028 IF

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