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S&S Swan General - Collision Bulkhead & Running Lines Aft
01 November 2023 - 02:31
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Collision Bulkhead & Running Lines Aft

Hi there

Greetings from Australia! 

I have Celeste, Swan 38/001 and we're preparing for several long tw0o-handed offshore Cat 1 races. One of the compliance items I have to solve is a collision proof bulk head. The rules say it needs to be placed at 15%LH from the bow.  

Has anyone built in one of these? Currently I have a windlass that drains into the bilge, so that is one thing I will have to solve for also.  I plan to try and retain the original look and feel of the forepeak - its an excellent working sail locker when not being used for berths.  

Also if anyone has photos of running some lines aft (main halyard and reefs mainly) it would be great to see them. 

Thank you in advance!!! 



01 November 2023 - 19:57
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Dear Saskia, 

I haven't build a watertight bulkhead but I remember seeing photos of a Swan 38 (Pizco) with an interesting intallation.

The forward compartment, enclosed by wooden doors, is around 170cm from the bow but I believe the rule is actually "within" 15% of LH, so it is not a problem. The LWL is about 130cm from the bow, so you can install it abaft the forward end of LWL. 




14 November 2023 - 04:14
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This is great, thank you!  Exactly what I was looking for - much appreciated!

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