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S&S Swan General - Swan 47 info for the blower, etc on the electrical panel heater?
04 December 2023 - 02:48
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Swan 47 info for the blower, etc on the electrical panel heater?


I am not sure what or how my last post happened. This is what I wanted to post:

I own Bones VIII Swan 47/049. It does not have a heater, but there are switches on the electrical panel of it, as well as a ~3-4" round 'exhaust' exit on the port side on the stern.

Did these boats come wired and plumbed (diesel) for heaters?


John Green 

04 December 2023 - 04:23
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Dear John,

it was an option to be ordered by the client.

You have original extra equipment and price list from 1977 in classicswan:

Fair winds!

matteo (47/069 Vanessa)

05 December 2023 - 12:53
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Hi John,

Kairos (57) came with a Eberspaecher marine heater fitted, the installation of the vents and diesel supply looked like it was original.

We replaced the old unit with a D8LC Eberspaecher in 2018 as, while still working, it looked rather tired. On Kairos, the heater unit itself is basically installed in the starboard cockpit coming; you get to it by taking the engine control panels out or - if you feel acrobatic - from the steering locker down below.

As far as I remember, the replacement was realatively straight forward. The new unit came with a little control display and room temperature sensor. So chances are that if you install a heater (again) you will not use any of the old controls, except maybe a circuit breaker.

Diesel supply is from our after diesel tank only via a small fuel lifting pump. Exhaust is straight out at the stern.

The main warm air vent runs forward on starboard only with branches with adjustable outlets in the after cabin, foul weather gear locker, under the navigator's seat, under the salon seating and in the starboard midships cabin. There are no air vents on port i.e. the midships cabins need to keep the connecting door open if the crew sleeping in the port cabin is meant to enjoy some heating, too. Not a problem as I think good ventilation is essential when you run these systems; our gas warner system has a CO sensor, too - just in case (has never been a problem).

So far we are very happy with the system, works flawlessly at a push of a button on temperature control although the room temperature sensor seems to read a couple of degrees to high. Barely seems to use any fuel and operation is very quiet - the fuel lifting pump is possibly loader that the heater fan.

Hope this helps,

fair winds


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